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Circus Zandvoort
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Het gehele jaar open van 10.00 - 02.00 uur.
Gasthuisplein 5, 2042 JM Zandvoort
Postbus 446, 2040 AK Zandvoort
Tel. 023-5718686

Circus Zandvoort

New Year's Dive Zandvoort at sea


The 2007 New Year’s Dive took place in a strong westerly wind (wind force seven). The high waves and the foaming water turned it into an extraordinary dive for the more than seven hundred participants.




The participants warmed up to the beat of great music and afterwards everybody, full of adrenalin, relished the memory at an excellent New Year’s party at the beach cafe organising the event, Take Five. The Dutch folk singer Dries Roelvink was also present. Not as one of the brave New Year’s divers, but… he did have a filled-in registration form for the 2008 Zandvoort New Year’s Dive in his pocket, so who knows?

We at Zandvoort Circus naturally embraced such a lively sporting event. In addition to acting as the main sponsor and covering the organisation costs we also sent out our in-house photographers to get the best photos.

The Zandvoort New Year’s Dive photos are here!