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Circus Zandvoort
Fun & Games, Bioscoop, Theater, Casino

Het gehele jaar open van 10.00 - 02.00 uur.
Gasthuisplein 5, 2042 JM Zandvoort
Postbus 446, 2040 AK Zandvoort
Tel. 023-5718686

Circus Zandvoort

Market and street theatre at the Spring Market and Summer Market


Circus Zandvoort has earned a permanent place in Zandvoort’s entertainment and nightlife.

But we do not deny our beginnings and we still hold dear the travelling circus convoy and the festive spring and summer markets. In the past the travelling troupe consisted of all kinds of market people, tricksters, artists and performers. As well as illusionists, theatrical performances, gambling games and of course the woman with the three breasts.


Later, when the population became more mobile, a lot of these creative people united and settled down at a permanent location, for example theatres, markets, fairs, casinos and cinemas. Circus Zandvoort has combined theatre, fair, cinema and casino in one building.


On 27 May, 12 August and 25 November 2007 we will welcome our ‘long-lost’ little brother and sponsor the street theatre and entertainment.


P.S. Our photography team will be out and about on these dates in the centre to surprise you with a happy photograph. We also have an extra event up our sleeve!