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Circus Zandvoort
Fun & Games, Bioscoop, Theater, Casino

Het gehele jaar open van 10.00 - 02.00 uur.
Gasthuisplein 5, 2042 JM Zandvoort
Postbus 446, 2040 AK Zandvoort
Tel. 023-5718686

Circus Zandvoort

Go-cart race on the Queen’s Birthday


In The Netherlands 30 April is one big celebration. This is the day on which we celebrate the birthday of our queen. On this day Zandvoort hosts a large jumble market, children’s games and musical entertainment.


Last year Zandvoort Circus was happy to support the organisers in adding a sporting, active event to the Queen’s Birthday activities in Zandvoort. And this year too the event was a success!

At noon on 30 April 2007 all the go-carts stood ready on the Gasthuisplein in front of Zandvoort Circus being inspected and admired…

At 15.30 hrs the event got going in Haltestraat. 100 racing carts and showpieces drove in turn from the starting ramp towards the finish in front of Café Neuf.

Queen s Birthday Zandvoort

Want to find out more about the go-cart race? Then come to Zandvoort on 30 April next year!