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Circus Zandvoort
Fun & Games, Bioscoop, Theater, Casino

Het gehele jaar open van 10.00 - 02.00 uur.
Gasthuisplein 5, 2042 JM Zandvoort
Postbus 446, 2040 AK Zandvoort
Tel. 023-5718686

Fun & Games

 Visit the huge Fun & Games section at Zandvoort Circus , also called Familyland, with over 50 different games of skill and fairground games for both young and old.

On our web site too there are all kinds of things to read and to do. For example, you can read all about the Circus Card and you can take a look at your own photo.




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Cinema & Theater

 On the top floor of the building is our luxurious cinema and theatre complex showing the latest films every day and a cabaret or stand-up comedy presentation every month.

A lot of the films are English spoken, so if you want to know which film is showing this week, take a look at our Cinema and Theatre web site.




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 Four islands “float” under the undulating concrete tent roof. Here there are over 200  of the best and the latest gambling games in our casino. The islands are accessible only by people aged 18 or over.

You will find here all you want to know about our casino games Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Slots and our other gambling machines. You will also find the current size of the jackpot. Good Luck! 


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